How to reset an iptv application on an android box?

IPTV subscription

   Is your IP TV subscription bugging on your Android Box?

   In this article I will show you how to reset the IPTV SMARTERS PRO application in order to run your  IP TV subscription on it, personally I find that this application is perfect and I use it on my Android x96 mini Box, you will find more details about it this trick to avoid bugs and cutters.


          1- Go to the Settings menu / system parameters of your device.

          2- Go to Applications / Apps.

          3- Choose the application you are using.

          4- Force it to stop.

          5- Delete the cache / Clear Cache.

          6- Delete the data / Clear DATA.

          7- Restart your router and your device.

          8- Launch the application.

          9- Enter your account.

         10- Click on OK.

How to install and configure the IP TV subscription on the iPTV Smarters Pro and Player application?

  1. Go to the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV), or the US Store on your Samsung or LG smart TV.

  2. Start the search by typing iptv smarters pro  (or ip tv smarters player for smart TVs), you will be on the installation screen of the ip tv Smarters pro application, click on  install.

  3. At the end of its installation, launch the application by clicking on  Open .

  4. Wait for the application to open.

  5. Click on (+)  or Add a user.

  6. Choose between Playlist (m3u link) or Xtream-code API s.

  7. Enter the m3u link of your iptv subscription if you have chosen Reading list.

  8. Enter the credentials of your subscription  if you have chosen the Xtream-code API: (Name, User, Password and Server URL).

      And now here is your application and your line will work well.


   To install the IPTV SMARTERS PRO application on your PC, here is the link:

    Windows, choose: Windows  IP TV  App –  IPTV  Smarters  Player v3.0
    Mac, choose: Wn + Mac + Linux App

Important: A lot of readers get it wrong and buy this application thinking they can access all channels. This is not the case. This application just allows you to install an IPTV subscription. Here is the link to get an IP TV subscription:

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