Net IPTV instead of Smart IPTV:


Want to buy iptv subscription but can’t find the Smart IPTV app on your Smart TV?

FANCY IP TV is  going to present to you one of the best IP TV apps which replaced the smart IPTV app. The application is called Net IPTV and will replace the Smart IP TV application  because it has been removed from the app store of the majority of Smart TVs.

NET IPTV is the new application intended for the new generation of Samsung and LG televisions, in this article we will explain how to download and configure the application using an M3U playlist file in order to receive IP TV on your Smart TV.


How to activate the mac address of the Net IPTV application?

If you have a Samsung Smart TV or Android system, you can download the app (free trial version and a paid version) from the store.

After purchasing a paid version of the app (only if you bought it from the official Samsung Apps store), you need to run the paid app version on your TV and the free trial version of the app can be deleted.

Smart TVs and supported devices can be activated after a one-time activation fee of 5.29 euros for each TV / device.

To activate your mac address, just enter this link:


Enter the mac address on the field and you can pay by credit card or paypal.

And there you have it, Net IPTV Activation is done, and the Net IPTV application works on your Smart TV for life without any worries.


How to add the list on the Net IPTV application?

Before you start you will need an iptv subscription that comes with an M3U link . You can choose one of our subscriptions, here is the link:

And you can also test our server before ordering a long term subscription, by clicking on the link below:

When our team sends you your M3U link, you can go directly to the application’s website: in order to load your playlist.

Retrieve your  Mac address  display on the application on your TV.
The form of the Mac address is  00: bb: cc: dd: ee: 11

Fill in the mac address field and url field and click uploads.

After validation, return to your television and restart the application.

Important: A lot of readers get it wrong and buy this application thinking they can access all channels. This is not the case. This application just allows you to install an IPTV subscription. Here is the link to get an IPTV subscription:

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If you order from FANCY IPTV our support will do the configuration for you, we will only need the mac address.

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Thank you for your attention and see you soon!